Wednesday, 8th July, 2009


“Only to see the dead, without any other accident or speech, is to be in the same estate and affection wherein the aforesaid dead persons were towards us: for if they were our benefactors, the dream signifies good and joy to us, and so on the contrary. It is exceeding bad when the dead seem to carry away and take from us apparel, goods, monies, or victuals, for it is death to the dreamer, or some of his parents or friends. If the dead give us victuals, money or apparel, that is a good dream, but to such as they who give none, it is another case. I knew a man which dreamed that his wife being dead, made all the beds in his house, and the next day after, many of his greatest friends fell sick.”

Daldianus Artemidorus, The Interpretation of Dreams, trans. by Robert Wood (London: J. Bew, 1786), p.70.

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